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evaporating cloud

См.: испаряющееся облако.



evaporating cloud

evaporating cloud - (EC) - The precise definition of a problem. A necessity-based logic diagram that describes conflicts and helps identify erroneous assumptions and resolve conflicts in a "win-win" manner. A cloud is composed of an objective A, two requirements (B and C) that must be met to achieve A and two prerequisites (D and D') that express the conflict.

Usage: The EC has two primary uses: 1. it serves as a structured method of describing, communicating and resolving conflicts, and 2. it is an integral part of the three-cloud approach to creating a core conflict cloud which then forms the base of a current reality tree. In this latter use, the EC helps answer the question (from the change question sequence): "What to change?". The EC has two major steps: 1. Constructing a logically sound cloud (the five box diagram) and all the supportive arguments (assumptions) to explain its existence in reality; and 2. Developing a solution by selecting injections that can negate an assumption and cause the conflict to disappear. That is the reason for using the term "evaporating".

Illustration: A portion of the EC below is verbalized: In order to A Satisfy our customers, B the shipping department must ship clients' orders on time, because AB Clients consider our due date promise a commitment. The latter statement is an assumption.

Syn.:conflict cloud, conflict diagram, conflict resolution diagram.

See:change question sequence, necessity-based logic, objective, prerequisite, requirement, thinking processes, three-cloud approach.