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elephant order

См.: слоновый заказ.



elephant order

elephant order - - A large manufacturing order placed to restructure a buffer to a new higher buffer target.

Usage: Elephant orders are usually triggered when a buffer has penetrated the red region three consecutive times and the buffer target or limit has been increased by one third. The order is the

difference between the last red region position and the new buffer limit. This order is usually significantly larger than a normal order and therefore slows down the flow of other later orders released to the shop floor.

Example: Suppose the buffer target is currently 300 units, current buffer status is 60 and the buffer status has been in the red zone for the past three review cycles. Based on these three consecutive red zone reviews, the buffer target should be increased by 1/3 or 100 units. Order quantity is therefore: Order quantity =

1 1/3 (current buffer max)

current buffer status

  • in-transit inventory

= 1 1/3 (300)

  • 60
  • 0

    = 400

    • 60
    • 0

      = 340 units.

See:buffer management.