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demand driven material requirements planning

См.: планирование потребности в материалах на основе спроса.



demand driven material requirements planning

demand driven material requirements planning - (DDMRP) - A method of planning inventories that involves five components:
  1. inventory positioning 2. grouping of parts into buffer profiles based on lead time; variability in demand and supply; whether the part is made, bought or distributed; and whether significant order multiples are involved
  2. dynamic buffers 4. planning rules that tie supply orders to consumption 5. visible and collaborative execution

Perspective: Traditional MRP systems are push systems based on forecasts of demand for finished products and generally focus on local optima throughout the supply chain. In contrast, DDMRP is a pull system based on strategic placement of inventories across the supply chain with strategic buffers positioned for critical raw materials, work-in-process, finished goods and possibly distribution inventories. The system is based on measures such as buffer status that better reflect both a firm's and a supply chain's ability to respond effectively to customer demand.

See:actively synchronized replenishment.