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day-to-day conflict cloud

См.: облако повседневных конфликтов.



day-to-day conflict cloud

day-to-day conflict cloud - - An evaporating cloud used on a standalone basis (i.e., not as part of a complete thinking process analysis) for a one-time situation when there is an open conflict between two parties. Open means that each party is aware of the conflict.

Usage: The day-to-day conflict cloud is the easiest cloud to construct and hence is used to teach clouds. Breaking such clouds is not easy and the owner of the cloud must adopt the mindset of personal commitment to resolve such conflicts.

Perspective: The main difference between the day-to-day conflict cloud and the chronic conflict cloud is the extent to which the unresolved conflict has deteriorated the trust between the parties. While trust is high, a conflict can be broken with the traditional approach (i.e. both sides working together to break it on either side) but with a chronic conflict, the cloud should be broken on the side of the initiator (or else consensus might never be achieved) but the initiator should then request assistance from the other side to help find a way to eliminate the negative branches related to giving them what they want.

See:chronic conflict.