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customer current reality tree

См.: дерево текущей реальности клиента.



customer current reality tree

customer current reality tree - A form of current reality tree (CRT) that focuses on the undesirable effects (UDEs) of an organization's customers, rather than the UDEs of the organization itself. This CRT is a sufficiency-based logic diagram that illustrates the cause-and-effect relationships that exist between the customer's core problem and most, if not all, of the UDEs caused by its suppliers.

Usage: The purposes of the customer CRT are to 1. identify the customer's core problem with its suppliers, 2. demonstrate that the organization understands the problems that its customer is experiencing in dealing with the organization and similar suppliers, 3. improve the customer's performance by adding value, and 4. provide the organization with a competitive advantage.

Because the customer CRT requires detailed knowledge of the problems experienced by the organization's customers, some of the customer's employees as well as marketing and sales personnel from the organization are usually closely involved in the creation of the tree. By addressing the customer's core problem with its suppliers through the design of an unrefusable offer, the customer CRT helps create a win-win scenario for the organization and its customer.

See:core problem, current reality tree, sufficiency-based logic, thinking processes, undesirable effect, unrefusable offer.