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critical chain completed percentage

См.: процент завершения критической цепи.



critical chain completed percentage

critical chain completed percentage - A measure of project progress. The first measure of a set of three measures in buffer management for single- and multi-project critical chain project management. Critical chain completed (%) = 100% x number of days of CC work completed

total number of days on critical chain

Usage: The purpose of calculating the percentage of the critical chain completed is to focus attention on problems that jeopardize progress on the critical chain tasks and thus impact due date performance.

Illustration: In the project network below the critical chain is six weeks long (tasks outlined in heavy lines) and two weeks (tasks shaded lightly) have been completed. The critical chain completed is 33% (100% X 2 weeks/6 weeks). Project progress is 33%. To determine whether this is good or bad the second and third measures, buffer burn rate and project buffer consumption rate, must be calculated.

Syn.:project progress.

See:buffer burn rate, project buffer consumption rate, project management measures.