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core conflict cloud

См.: облако основного конфликта.



core conflict cloud

core conflict cloud - (CCC)- An evaporating cloud that depicts the core conflict present in the current reality of the system being studied. The CCC denotes the system's goal (entity A), two requirements necessary to achieve the stated goal (entities B and C), and the prerequisites of each requirement (entities D and D'). The prerequisites in entities D and D' are in direct conflict, and often represent two opposing points of view.

Usage: It is relevant to list the assumptions underlying each of the cloud's entity relationships in the CCC. An assumption which is not valid, that is, erroneous, or can be invalidated through an injection is often key to eliminating the core conflict. Sometimes one of the assumptions is the core problem.

Illustration: The CCC shown for finance and measures includes a number of assumptions, some of which are shown. The top branch of the CCC is verbalized as follows: In order to A Be a good manager, B the manager must control costs because AB Cost containment is important to financial success (assumption). Further, in order for B the manager to control costs, D the manager must judge according to local impact because BD The only way to achieve good cost performance is through good local performance everywhere (assumption). The assumptions on the bottom side of the cloud are read in a similar manner.

See:assumption, evaporating cloud, generic cloud, goal, prerequisite, requirement, three-cloud approach.