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core conflict

См.: основной конфликт.



core conflict

core conflict - - The systemic conflict that causes the vast majority of the undesirable effects in the current reality of the system being studied. The core conflict is often generic in nature and can be derived by generalizing the various conflicts that underlie the undesirable effects that persist in the system.

Usage: In the three-cloud approach, the core conflict is synthesized from three specific conflict clouds (taken from different functions to provide a broad but different perspectives of the system) that together reflect a fundamental issue responsible for most of the system's undesirable effects. A core conflict is expressed in two prerequisites in the core conflict cloud, namely, entities D and D'.

Illustration: A core conflict in operations, which is depicted here, exists because it is not possible to do both: D Use local efficiencies as a primary measure and D' Do not use local efficiencies as a primary measure.

See:conflict cloud, current reality tree, prerequisite, three-cloud approach, undesirable effect.