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change analogy

См.: аналогия изменений.



change analogy

change analogy - The picture below is used to describe the two new buy-in processes based on the more detailed listing of layers of resistance: the plus-plus and the minus-minus. In the plus-plus buy-in process, a person has the choice of climbing a mountain to gain a large pot-of-gold (the plus of the change) or challenging the staying where he/she is to maintain the relationship with the mermaid (the plus of not changing). In contrast, in the minus-minus buy-in process, a person has the choice of being eaten by the crocodile if he/she doesn't change (the minus of not changing) or of falling off the mountain and breaking a leg therefore needing a crutch (the minus of changing).

Usage: The main idea of the plus-plus buy-in process is that the potential benefit (the pot-of-gold) of the change is much, much bigger than the potential benefit of not changing (mermaid). It capitalizes on

the fact that a large "pot-of-gold" can be a significant motivator for many people to make necessary changes, especially if it can be shown that either the mermaid does not really exist, that keeping the mermaid is far less important than the pot-of-gold or in some cases that actually you can bring the mermaid with you.

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