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cause-effect reversal reservation

См.: оговорка отмены причинно-следственных связей.



cause-effect reversal reservation

cause-effect reversal reservation - - A Level III reservation in the categories of legitimate reservation that is used to question whether the cause and effect have been switched. Also referred to as a tautology reservation.

Usage: Sometimes a cause-and-effect relationship can be reversed or turned around. This usually happens when the effect is deduced based on the facts rather than by answering the question, "What caused the effect?" or "What causes what?"

Illustration 1: The logic diagram on the left below is verbalized: If 100 I buy dog food then 110 I have a dog. The causality is incorrect because buying the dog food did not cause you to have a dog. Reversal of the causality arrow results in the correct diagram on the right, which reads: If 110 I have a dog then 100 I buy dog food.

Illustration 2: The "House-on-Fire" scenario is a specific example of cause-effect reversal. The illustration on the left below is verbalized, If 3 A fire truck is parked at my house then 5 My house is on fire. However, the causality is actually the reverse, as illustrated on the right. If 5 My house is on fire then 3 A fire truck is parked at my house.


See:categories of legitimate reservation, effect, entity, logical 'and' connector, logic diagram.