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cause insufficiency reservation

См.: оговорка недостаточности причины.



cause insufficiency reservation

cause insufficiency reservation - - A level III reservation in the categories of legitimate reservation that is used when the scrutinizer believes the proposed cause alone is inadequate to explain the effect. A lateral dependency among multiple equally influential contributing causes exists.

Usage: For this type of reservation, the scrutinizer must provide the missing supporting cause or condition that, in conjunction with the original cause, produces the effect. Note that if the scrutinizer is correct, then if either of the proposed causes does not exist the observed effect will also not exist.

Illustration: The fact that our primary competitor reduced its prices on comparable products is believed by the scrutinizer to be insufficient to cause our sales to be down. The scrutinizer proposes that it is the combination of price reductions by our competitor and the fact that we have not reduced our prices that causes our sales to be down.

See:categories of legitimate reservation, effect, entity, logic diagram.