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buffer consumption

См.: потребление буфера.



buffer consumption

buffer consumption - 1. In make-to-order drum-buffer-rope and simplified drum-buffer-rope, the depletion of time from the time buffer (i.e., shipping, assembly or constraint buffers). 2. In make-to-availability, the depletion of inventory from the stock buffer. 3. In critical chain project management,the accumulation of activity lateness on a path. For example, the number of days consumed from the feeder or project buffer.

Usage: Space buffers are placed after the constraint to prevent constraint stoppage (caused by blockage). The interpretation of a space buffer is just the opposite of an inventory buffer. In the case of an inventory buffer, inventory is consumed. In the case of a space buffer, space is consumed by inventory and too much inventory in a space buffer (i.e., the space buffer is in the red zone) means that the constraint is almost blocked and will have to stop if items are not processed at the downstream work center.

See:buffer penetration.