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breakthrough injection

См.: прорывная инъекция.



breakthrough injection

breakthrough injection - - A special state of being or condition designed to dramatically resolve the conflict. This injection is often a highly creative, win-win, out-of-the-box solution to a chronic conflict.

Usage: Usually, there is no experience in the organization with this type of solution. Creating a breakthrough injection is much more than restructuring a compromise or making a minor change to resolve the conflict. Often, a breakthrough injection goes beyond the surface conflict to address a deeper or more generic conflict. Most of TOC's proven solutions such as drum-buffer-rope, buffer management, critical chain, and the distribution/replenishment solution are considered to be breakthrough injections.

Illustration: The decision to sell comprehensive maintenance and repair service to Pressure Steam's customers is the breakthrough injection that evaporated the cloud that expressed the conflict of their need to lower prices and raise prices at the same time. (Reference: Goldratt, It's Not Luck, 1994, 252.)

See:chronic conflict, generic cloud, injection, primary injection.