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bottleneck resource

См.: ресурс узкого места.



bottleneck resource

bottleneck resource - Any resource whose capacity is less than or equal to the demand placed on it for the specified time horizon.

Usage: Often this term is confused with or incorrectly used interchangeably with similar terms like capacity-constrained resource, drum resource and constraint. Many times policies (batching policies, process batch equal to transfer batch, managing to efficiencies, end-of-the-month syndrome, etc.) cause resources to be incorrectly diagnosed as bottleneck resources. Once these policies are eliminated using steps 2 and 3 of the five focusing steps and replaced with effective policies supporting drum-buffer-rope or simplified drum-buffer-rope, these resources have ample capacity and the market becomes the constraint.

See:capacity-constrained resource, constraint, drum resource, interactive constraints, wandering bottleneck.