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X-Y syndrome

См.: синдром X-Y.



X-Y syndrome

X-Y syndrome - A problem that often occurs when TOC is not implemented holistically. It involves a power struggle between two functional areas of the organization and can result in the stagnation or

complete disappearance of TOC in spite of an incredibly successful implementation in one of the functional areas.

Example: Implementing TOC in department/function "X" (often in operations by implementing DBR) has two effects: 1. it changes the people in department/function "X" so their thinking aligns with the throughput-world paradigm, and, 2. as department/function "X" goes through the five focusing steps, improvement is so significant that the constraint shifts outside, let's say to department/function "Y" (often sales or distribution or product development). "X" then puts pressure on "Y" to improve by adopting TOC but "Y" resists because they still operate in the cost-world paradigm. Usually "Y" wins the internal battle because the rest of the organization is still looking at business using the cost-world paradigm. The result is that TOC does not spread throughout the organization and may even disappear completely if the TOC "champion" in department/function "X" gets frustrated and leaves the company.

Perspective: To avoid the X-Y syndrome, implement TOC holistically.

See:cost-world paradigm, holistic approach, throughput-world paradigm.