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Toyota Production System

См.: производственная система Toyota.



Toyota Production System

Toyota Production System - - (TPS) A manufacturing philosophy originated by Toyota Motor Company that focuses on reducing setup times, batch sizes, lead times, and variations to reduce waste and increases flow and quality.

Perspective: Many of the Toyota Production System concepts are based on Henry Ford's assembly line concepts. The Toyota Production System is the predecessor of the Just-in-time and lean manufacturing philosophies. The Toyota Production System was highly successful at Toyota Motor Company and was based on getting inventories to the user just-in-time. When consultants and managers in the US brought the Toyota Production System concept and tools to its manufacturers they used the term: Just-in-time philosophy. With the lack of success in implementing Just-in-time in the 1990's, many of its tools gave birth to the lean philosophy. There is little difference among the concepts of the Toyota Production System, Just-in-time and lean manufacturing philosophies.

See:lean manufacturing management philosophy.